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Live a complete wine experience at Mega Spileo Estate

Remote & Hospitable

Mega Spileo. A name that travels through time and a breathtaking landscape. High mountains, age-old forests, and slopes overgrown with vines that seem to float over steep cliffs and deep gorges. Here, in the heart of Chelmos, in the blessed place of the historic monastic vineyard, the legends, traditions and wine stories that have been passed down from generation to generation meet.

Today, the Mega Spileo Estate continues to honour this great viticultural heritage, creating distinctive wines with a strong personality that express the charismatic terroir and the unique microclimate of the region.

With its doors open to wine lovers, excursionists and ordinary travellers, the estate has modern hospitality facilities and offers tasting programmes designed by our team. From a leisurely stroll through the vineyards tasting selected wines of local varieties, to a complete tasting journey enriched with activities, visits and excursions, wine lovers could live an unforgettable experience of wine culture in an environment of rare natural beauty. 

Wine tasting programmes


#1 Mega Spileo “Roots”

Getting to know the estate and its wines. A programme for every visitor. Guided tour through the historic vineyard and the renovated cellar and wine tasting in the large hall of the estate or on the terrace. 

Tasting 4 Wines

Mega Spileo Moschato
Mega Spileo Sauvignon Blanc
Mega Spileo Rosé
Mega Spileo Mavro Kalavritino – Merlot

#2 Mega Spileo “Experience”

A programme full of experience for visitors, but also for wine lovers looking for something special. Learn the history, explore nature, the estate, the vineyard, and the dependency and live a unique tasting experience.

Tasting 5 Wines

Mega Spileo Malagousia
Mega Spileo Wines Cuvee III White
Mega Spileo Rosé
Mega Spileo Wines Cuvee III Red
Mega Spileo Pinot Noir

#3 Mega Spileo “Premium”

A programme for wine lovers and all those who wish to get to know the character that the land gives to our wines.

The history unfolds through a special tour of the estate, the Vineyard with its charismatic soil and the Dependency.

Then, the tasting of selected wines from the charismatic vineyards surrounding the estate follows in the central hall with the monastery table or on the terrace with the magnificent view.

Tasting 6 Wines

Mega Spileo Wines Cuvee III White
Mega Spileo Estate Assyrtiko – Lagorthi
Mega Spileo Wines Cuvee III Red
Mega Spileo Pinot Noir
Mega Spileo Estate Mavrodaphne – Mavro Kalavritino
Mega Spileo Mystic Sparkling Wine – new

Special Wine Tasting Programmes Mega Spileo Estate Wine Roots

The estate offers you the opportunity to design your own unique Experience Programme with our team.

Choose the actions, places, routes, wines and tastes that suit you, and create something unique with us.

The programme may include accommodation at the Wine Hotel Amario Suites.

For more details, contact us.

Before each visit it is advisable to make a reservation.

Our Estate is open Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 – 17:00

mob: +30 6972 777328 – tel: +30 26910 71555

Αmario Suites Hotel

Exclusive Experience Taste Hospitality 

Exclusive programmes also include the option of accommodation at the Amario Suites Hotel in Aegio, a top five-star travel destination that offers premium wine experiences to guests and friends of the Estate.

Your wine and gastronomic experience will continue and will be complemented with a multidimensional programme of relaxation and excursions in nature and in places of cultural and historical interest that will be unforgettable.