Mega Spileo Varietal Wines

Mega Spileo Moschato

Mega Spileo Moschato, a uniquely aromatic and fresh variety, is cultivated on the Trapeza plateau.
The mild micro-climate and altitude of the vineyard, at 850 m, together produce a wine with distinct aromas of flowers, herbs and tropical fruits. A refreshing wine, with crisp acidity and an aromatic after-taste, enjoyable at all hours of the day!

Mega Spileo Malagousia

Mega Spileo Malagousia grows in the Trapeza and Vrosthena vineyards, and produces a pleasant white wine characterised by notes of apricot, unripe nectarine, white flowers, tropical fruits and a natural feel with notes of basil. Light palate, with discreet acidity and a fruity after-taste.

Mega Spileo Mavro Kalavritino Merlot

The international Merlot variety is blended with the rare local Mavro Kalavritino variety to produce an intensely concentrated and fine red wine. Clear on the nose, with hints of black fruits and spices set against vanilla and graphite. A fresh red wine, lush in the mouth and elegant, and enjoyable all year round.