Mega Spileo Vidiano Aidani

Wine Category

Dry white wine, varietal.

Varietal Composition

Vidiano 85%, Aidani 15%


Mountain vineyards of Aigialeia, at an altitude of 850-900 metres. Harvest takes place in the final ten days of September.


Brief pre-fermentative extraction of the marc with the grape must. Static racking after 48 hours. Alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts, at low temperatures. Maturation for 2 months in stainless steel tanks and in oak barrels with its fine lees.

Flavour profile

Straw yellow colour. Notes of stone fruits and tropical fruits with hints of minerality imparting complexity. Refined, with pronounced acidity and a fruity after-taste.


Fish, seafood, white meats with white sauces.

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