Mega Spileo Estate Wines

Mega Spileo Estate Assyrtiko - Lagorthi

At the Mega Spileo vineyard, the popular Assyrtiko variety comes together with the rare local Lagorthi to create a unique wine, full of character. Fine aromas of roasted nuts mingle with the freshness of yellow fruit marmalades and herbs. The wine ferments and matures with its wine lees in new oak barrels, and 2 years of ageing after bottling confer striking character and complexity. An elegant white wine, suitable for ageing.

Mega Spileo Estate Mavrodaphne – Mavro Kalavritino

The Mega Spileo vineyard with its unique micro-climate, produces two exquisite local varieties, Mavrodaphne and Mavro Kalavritino. The blend of these two varieties through maturation in new French oak barrels produces an elegant and fine red wine with complex, concentrated flavours, suitable for ageing. One of the most iconic wines we produce.

Mega Spileo Estate Syrah

The Mega Spileo vineyard, with its unique terroir and high altitude, is ideal for the cultivation of a classic and elegant French Syrah. Spicy and peppery notes, berries, dried flowers and hints of smokiness and chocolate come together in an excitingly complex and flavourful wine with a long after-taste.

Mega Spileo Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

The unique terroir of the Mega Spileo vineyard hosts a section with low yield per hectare Cabernet Sauvignon, producing a concentrated fruit that gives a wine which rewards patience. A Cabernet with exceptional character, complexity, body and staying power, with a long after-taste, especially suited for ageing.