Our People

As an integrated cultivation and production unit, the Estate depends on its people, their love for their homeland and their passion for vines and wine. Our founders, Giannis and Theodoros Anastasiou, handpicked people with knowledge, experience and passion for their work, who share the vision of reviving the historical vineyard.

The vintners, oenologists and employees of the Estate constitute a dynamic and forward-thinking group inspired by original wine-making traditions. Our collective efforts are based on our shared vision of producing exceptional wines, with respect for the environment, care for the earth and preservation of our priceless natural and cultural heritage.

Visionaries, Founders, Pioneers

Giannis and Theodoros Anastasiou

While the two brothers’ journeys may have started differently, with Giannis studying Oenology in Germany and Theodoros Economics in Athens, their love for their homeland and for wine brought them together under a common vision. By putting in the time and with systematic efforts, the brothers united the value of a one-of-a-kind heritage with a drive for innovation in Greece’s wine production.

Stelios Tsiris and the team of vintners and oenologists

Stelios Tsiris is a seasoned oenologist, a pioneer in his field, and the man responsible for making our vision a reality.

Together with his close collaborator, oenologist Evangelia Amanatidi, and a team of experienced vintners and junior oenologists, they ensure the best possible yields of our lands and vineyards, helping produce distinctive, quality wines full of character.