Mega Spileo Estate

A one-of-a-kind Greek terroir.
An authentic destination for a unique wine experience!

The Estate

Mega Spileo Estate is located at the heart of the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Geopark in the Northern Peloponnese, a protected area belonging to the Natura 2000 network. Steeped in ancient legends and historical traditions, this is a land of tall mountains, plateaus and sheer gorges, a unique geological blend of striking natural beauty and micro-climates ideal for viticulture.

At the vineyards of the Mega Spileo Estate, grapes are cultivated along the principles of organic agriculture and according to long viticulture and wine-making traditions, producing exquisite wines with bold character, striking aromas and complexity.

The Mega Spileo Estate is a jewel of Greece’s wine tradition, and offers connoisseurs and visitors a rare, authentic wine experience.



The Great Vineyard, today’s Mega Spileo Estate, was a dependency of the monastery and belonged to its property. It was also known as the metochion of Agios Athanasios. From the mid-15th century onwards, the monks grew grapes here and produced wine for the Holy Communion and to supplement their diet, both for themselves and for visitors to the monastery, but also for the inhabitants of the wider region. The monks built a wine press, sleeping quarters and a chapel in the estate.

Our Land

Tall mountains, plateaus, sheer gorges, ancient trees, wild herbs, flowers and cool breezes all come together to create a unique micro-climate. The Mega Spileo Estate is situated in this enchanting environment in the Northern Peloponnese, a blessed land steeped in ancient legends and historical traditions which has been designated a National Park as well as a Protected Area of the Natura 2000 Network.


Our wines are produced from grapes cultivated in four vineyards of about 28 hectares in total, in the mountains of Achaia. Its exceptional local climate, diverse terrain, degrees of exposure and altitude make the region a prime area for vine cultivation and the production of exquisite wines.

Our people

As an integrated cultivation and production unit, the Estate depends on its people, their love for their homeland and their passion for vines and wine. Our founders, Giannis and Theodoros Anastasiou, handpicked people with knowledge, experience and passion for their work, who share the vision of reviving the historical vineyard.